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About The Michael


I'd like to think I am such a complex and interesting person that there is no way you could summarize me in this tiny little space, but that probably isn't true.

I work in the Silicon Valley, providing technological muscle tempered with some experience and wisdom to whatever random startup I happen to be most interested in.

I can also be found in the middle of a conversation/friendship which extends across time and space referred to as "The Emergent Conversation", which is simply what happens when a group of people get together and try to make sense of what it means to be people of faith at a time when so many things have changed since we last decided what it was that faithful people do.

My various identities have generated published instances of my works in various magazines, but as of yet not inscribed in stone nor written in fire across the heavens. I also write and perform spoken word poem-like outbursts, when I can find a room of interested people.

I may also be, "That idiot you remember from way back when." Sorry about that. I'm slightly less horrible now than I was back then.

Thanks for visiting this poetic corner of my world. I hope you find something fun, interesting, or at least so horrible it will make a good story.