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you know a thing or two about computers sometimes, however, it is broken and you can't fix it you have skills, but you can't figure this one out time to make the call, bring in the expert head tilted, phone tucked, the hits of the 80s play while you wait, for the genius, the guru of goodness someone who can dis-assemble and re-assemble the thing blindfolded of course you already know exactly what the master will say after listening carefully to you describe the symptoms along with all the clever things you have done to diagnose the problem the expert is going to ask you to reboot which makes you angry. your problem is unique, complex requiring sophisticated solutions, very likely taxing the knowledge of the wizard just as it has exhausted yours something is really wrong here reboot is for noobs, for dummies which makes it that much more maddening when the reboot works and the bored savant asks you "is there anything else i can help you with" which sounds like code for "is that all you got? i thought you had a real problem get off the phone now so i can help people who really need me" word fragments best left unassembled breathed out as you hang up now perhaps you are ready to hear my words as i speak of the wonder of beauty of reboot sure, you could trace down the original sin was it a device improperly removed? you know you are supposed to eject it first. maybe it was one of times you pulled the plug rather than waiting for the shutdown sequence to finish go ahead, replay every strange bump in the road correlate symptoms with actions and determine possible causes when you have truly understood the words of the master a door opens into a new possibility unexpected unburdening reboot, and all that stuff never happened no longer important to remember every wrong thing you ever did reboot, and the important question is what are you going to do next