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how to make a starship captain

heroic profile, obviously slightly anti social, loves machines more than people the ship, more than the people in it, because people are easier to replace charming, so charming, can charm a crew into thinking they are more important than the ship add a quirky obsession with some ancient or alien lore which will save the day several times and provide solace in the lonely captain's cabin a good body, and martial arts training need to make the uniform look like something you want to wear and useful for the inexplicably common fist fights with temporarily powerless godlike entities must to be able to deliver a monolog to an empty viewscreen win at poker, not chess, since you can pay people for that cook at least one "earth dish" supernaturally well oh yeah, needs to have a really great catchphrase sexually inactive for years at a time with one or two brief episodes of interest have to be careful, there are only so many chairs for these brilliant, arrogant, power-mad geniuses to sit in we just need to breed enough to replace the occaisional hero who has to die in order to save the universe