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the heat death of doggerel

i was writing some pretentious nonsense in my journal about entropy and the eventual end of all things, and the courage needed to face that and not be disabled by it. then i was disabled by it, the next words to come out of my pencil were these
pumpkin lumpkin bumpkin tall man fat man sitting in a tree w-r-i-t-i-n-g higgeldy piggeldy allagaroo roses have color clickety tickety my keyboard sings for my supper words be nimble death be quick tiddle riddle bumpling my son john there was an adverbed subject down dooby doo down down hummer plummer tinker tailor spatula dork dork the dorks say bork meeny teeny miney mo su su sudio h-i-j-k i see a tree run dick run fly you tool shall i compare thee all i compare i ompa r