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good trade

once we were wizards we each had our own inner sanctum where we could delve into the mysteries solitude and contemplation were central to safely wielding the power of programming four walls, and a door. now we are knowledge workers and the managers look down on the floor of the software factory crammed with tiny workstations checking to make sure things are humming and then they close the door and return to their arcane spreadhseets once there was a small carboard tray filled with stale candy bars and if you were lucky a way to make your very own crappy diner coffee and the company cafeteria was never an option "lunch" meant leaving the office now we have espresso machines glass doored refigerators filled with soda and juice a weekly delivery of fresh fruit and chefs creating every day some taste sensation, just for us and we never leave i wonder if we have made a clever trade and used our powers to get something valuable or if our enemy has found our weakness and we sit dazed and well fed and content as the essence is efficiently extracted