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forty two

all april long every single poem-a-day time i tried to write the first words that my pencil wanted to make marks for have been "forty two" and i have been resisting i have no idea why my pencil wants to write a poem about the number forty two but since april is almost over i thought i'd give the pencil a chance to explain itself ladies and gentlemen, i give you, "forty two", by my pencil
forty two, as all good intergalactic travelers know is the answer calculated by the cosmic computer that is the earth to the question it is six times seven which, the commutative property of multiplication insists means it is also seven times six makes you think forty two is an age which seemed slightly over the hill once upon a time but now feels achingly young forty two is everyone else when fifty eight percent of the american people agree on something forty two ways to leave your lover left to our imaginations by mr. simon the atomic number of molybdenum which is a rare earth metal that our bodies apparently need for things like dental health forty two floating in space attaching itself to our lives in unpredictable ways i have no idea even now why my pencil thinks this all adds up to a good poem but the pencil seems to be done or at least seems satisfied and i am sure it has at least forty two reasons why