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doulgas reverie

i am not entirely on vacation sure i am sitting on the porch of a cabin surrounded by a forest fortress of doug fir eating yogurt and granola and watching the sun sneak up on me breathing cool mountain air unpolluted by wifi, bluetooth, or 4g hiking shoes by the door drying out from a sweaty day of scrambling over granite but i am not on vacation i am trying to figure out if there is an n log(n) way to sift through the data which is spinning at 7200rpm somewhere in an enormous data center in the midwest dizzily waiting for me to come back and take care of it i know what you are thinking, that i must be some kind of slightly pathetic, more than slightly obsessive crazy person to look out on that vista and have my thoughts gently waft towards algorithmic reverie cinematic sunset glowing in the arizona desert moonlight illuminating as fog spills like an ocean over coastal hills birdsong and morning sunlight lilting across mountain lake we, the slightly crazy ones, we love these, but we also love in a way we can't explain the beauty, the overwhelming rightness new land rising from the depths of chaos when we finally know how we will write that code that is also worth taking in, silent and pondering slow sip of our morning coffee and a deep breath soaking our souls in the quiet moment when we see it someplace to stand, and we spoke it into being