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dangerous people

when i sat down to write i saw her, sitting alone with her laptop she was so serious, almost emotionless the intensity was intimidating perhaps she was revising the draft of her phd thesis on a quantum theory of transtime, or her speech to the united nations whatever she was working on, it was important, and very private i looked away and wrote a little drank my coffee, tapped my pencil, when i raised my head again she was no longer alone i had to hang on to my chair to keep from being blown out of the room, the concussive force of what i saw there, smiles and laughter, but not the heat lamp laughter of hoping you will like me this was the solar beam summertime glowing of i am so glad to be with you and i don't care who knows there may be two happier people, somewhere in the world, but i doubt it if there were, we would have to keep them in an underground bunker guarded by stone faced sharpshooters a two meter thick steel door between us and them lest we get caught even for an instant in the radiant energy of their breakfast patter and forget forever how to fear