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a clear and perfect light

we have no religion we don't want yours so keep your salvation to yourself we make our own gods gods we can trust because they are made from us from our own dirt they were formed from our own side they were taken we created them in our own image we breathed life into them tis this season to remember the miracle which happened in a humble garage so many years ago a sign to the world funded by angels and certified by three wise series "b" investors the story of the miracle gives hope to us all we only need to believe in the gods we created the ones with an idea born in a garage believe that they can change the world if we will serve them and offer them the blood sacrifice of our lives we've got the whole package high priest and priestesses temple and tribulation icon and indulgence broadband belief and opulent opiate to the chief musician let this song be played on string-ed instruments and sung in all the assemblies sing hallelujah let the silicon valley rejoice we are a free people we belong to no one we are controlled by no myths having left darkness behind us we are weaving the fabric of a new reality in a clear and perfect light