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after the eaters

after a galactic epoch of emptiness and another of chaos things have finally settled down that galaxy on the screen was one the last to be eaten we lost lifetouch with them a billion years ago as they were consumed every star stripped of life like so many before them what saved the universe was that the eaters did not move on this time they apparently had gathered enough sustenance to construct at last their gateway to whatever dimension they now terrorize there has been no lifetouch not even a whisper from the spectral listeners from that galaxy all these billion years until today when the hyperwave conduits suddenly lit up like a supernova data streams and yes, even the hints of lifetouch somewhere in the spiral arm lies a yellow sun with a blue planet beings risen from dust asking their empty galaxy "is anyone out there?" and hearing nothing the eaters left no one in range who could answer that question they have no way of knowing we hear them, and know where they are it will take centuries, we have forgotten so much, to build a fleet to find them, and exterminate them damn eaters and their eggs i thought we had gotten the last of them