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three chords

it starts with the snare and kick drum boom kack boom kack boom kack boom-boom kack i am a sucker for a pounding backbeat and the 3 chord riff that just keeps on going and going nuuh nuuh nuh, nuuh nuuh nuh nuh i wish i could scoff it's shadow, it's popshallow it's completely ludicrass just some narcissistic devoidance then some pimply adolescent picks up a guitar without knowing a damned thing about music without deciding to i'm tapping my feet and bobbing my head dancing to words which i swear i absolutely do not condone every time i try to rise above, to transcend, expand enough to be engulfed by concerto rewire enough to be electrocuted by a tenor sax dislocate enough to be transfigured by a world beat it happens again kack kack kack kack and it is all about me boom kack nuh nuh my old familiar blue jeans which i never wore boom kack nuh nuh remembering a blonde named suzy that i never met boom kack nuh nuh the fast car i never drove and that long long road