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ordinary diptych

I lived for maybe 40 years before I heard this word, and I like the word and want to use it now without making people feel weird if they don't know what it means.

From the Wiktionary entry

diptych (noun) - a literary work consisting of two contrasting parts

ONE how did we live in the days before the status quo shattering arrival of the Cool Ranch Dorito before things were changed forever by the doubling down on the creamy filling in the middle of an Oreo without our food to forgive us for the sin of being ordinary how did we live TWO one upon a time there lived an ordinary man every day was much like the one before beauty and weariness each accumulating like dust on an unreachable shelf one day a glowing door mysteriously appeared in the hallway next to the linen closet unnoticing he walked past it on his way to shave another day an untravelled road offered itself and he drove right by it trying not to be late for work later, at his scheduled appointment with the heavenly auditor neither of these days were mentioned