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once upon a time, in a nearby kingdom, one of the many midwest metroplexes a sprawling, but self sufficient kingdom protected by a federally funded interstate moat, a traveler arrived at the rental car counter. i decided that since i had never been there before i would pay the extra money for the gps gadget it had the comforting trademarked name, "neverlost" following its soothing commands i boldly crossed the drawbridge, drove through the gates of the kingdom. ah, the wonders of neverlost i found hotels, homes of friends, movie theaters, dry cleaners, churches, obscure restaurants through-ways, bypasses, toll roads, cutoffs, parkways. no problem for me. navigating like a native, i totally owned this kingdom. when the day of departure finally arrived i pressed the buttons, praying for guidance, the neverlost beeped and sang i practically floated flawlessly back to the rental car return and then it hit me being neverlost meant that i also, never found. taking the same computationally correct route as every other efficient traveler i never found my own way, with its own quirky sign posts never had a chance to discover the kindness of a stranger never experienced that moment when i suddenly understood the connections between one place and another the surprise, as two distinct pieces of a mental map are suddenly seamlessly joined sure i was neverlost, but i was also never anywhere except in my car taking orders from a kindly robot woman. i had hovered a fourth dimensional millimeter above the ground and never really set foot inside the kingdom. these days everyone carries neverlost in their pockets which makes it harder and harder to do the important work when you go someplace new of getting gloriously and perfectly lost