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my old friends

"What's friendship, when all's done, but the giving and taking of wounds?” -― Frederick Buechner, Godric
we don't speak anymore once we laughed together talked about how we'd spend an imaginary million dollars threw popcorn at the tv tried cooking things with strange ingredients shared the most embarassing moments kissed each other's babies moved the same couches from house to house to house now we nod, wave, and acknowledge connected by disconnection orbiting always showing the same face i don't know which one of us comitted the unforgivable sin spoke the unmentionable word or opened the door to the forbidden tower sometimes i know it was my fault sometimes i am sure it was yours probably just enough of both to make sure we uncomfortably maintain a comfortable distance wave and smile at each other from opposite sides of the merry go round if the worst comes to pass and we do not touch again i hope to wake in a heaven where i can cook you a horrible meal and you can tell me that story about the zoo