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mad men, really?

i do not wish for the good old days of my youth i am very happy with the way the world is going skinny ties, horn rim glasses, brylcreem and bermuda shorts do i have to remind you, these are the things which caused us to flee in terror towards disco how did these suddenly become cool again? this needs to stop, now, this sudden love of the early 60s, otherwise i will be binge-watching the 70s and the 80s again and once was enough let's all get nostalgic for days that have not yet come remember fondly the glorious days golden lit summer afternoons and crisp mornings comfortable with our warm coffee no longer trapped in the past, slowly fading instead memory beckoning us onwards, things gradually coming into focus these will be the good new days when we wore comfortable and functional clothing lived a carbon-neutral lifestyle everyone had a job and we forgot what war was for