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the last outrage

the first part is easy for raw material i just need to pay attention to the news once or twice a week i can easily find something to be outraged about i have to keep at this. it turns out, unfortunately you can only be outraged about one thing for so long before people start asking uncomfortable questions about solutions and participation ... so you need a new outrage every other month or so the next part is more difficult because i have to begin to be outraged very early in the outrage cycle so that people know i am informed and not just jumping on the bandwagon but if i am outraged too early i might end up outraged about something no else else cares about the image i am trying to craft is someone who has a rich full life which has now been interrupted by this outrage, which makes this outrage particularly important my best bet at this point is to be vaguely outraged ask people to be concerned about the victims and register a generic disdain for a world which could allow such a thing to happen then begins the real work honing, polishing, sharpening, curving ... a truly nuanced outrage is a beautiful thing it lets everyone know how thoughtful i am when the thing about which i am developing outrage is something which i either have done or do, or benefit from it is especially important to be correctly outraged to keep myself from being implicated here's a pro tip, if this happens to you find the best writing you can about this outrage and disagree with it slightly implying that you are just slightly better than the best writer to write on this subject i am super excited about this new disaster this new thing that i have noticed that i can be righteously upset about the glorious meta outrage ... being outraged about people who spend their whole lives being outraged at everything this outrage is so scandalously perfect that i may not need another new outrage ever again maybe this can be the last outrage this one will be enough i will never have to wonder what an outrageous love might lead me to do or become