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how to order coffee in italy

in italy, where they figured how to do the thing with steam you stand at the bar and say "un caffè per favore" i do not need to tell you the italian for extra hot, double shot, or the 26 other american adjectives that all mean the same thing we are what we consume so if we want to be someone special we need to order a special coffee drink preferrably one we discovered ourselves extra credit for using adjectives not on the regular menu we are what we consume so if we want to live just and compassionate lives we need to buy the right things, with the right labels avoid the wrong things, or at least laugh appropriately when caught consuming them we are what we consume we are not mindless zombies because we all watch a show about people who kick the snot of out mindless zombies are we what we consume? or can we all drink the same boring brown swill and then, without spending any money at all, step outside and create with the energy of our lives baffling beauty, compassion, and brilliance?