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frack me

something is trapped, perfectly imprisoned under a mile of rock. beyond the reach of any natural process truth, terror, howling screaming eye socket explosion alien creature waiting to eat my heart and brain incubating, a weapon of mass potential locked eternally between the upwelling of magma and the crushing weight of a mile of solid rock it waits danger avoid this seek everywhere else first only come here when all other resources are exhausted wait until the last lamp starts to go dim then, when desperation finally unlocks an inconceivable courage then come here and set yourself up the machines technologies of poison and pressure overcoming the impossible only by creating an artificial impossibility even worse. what once was bound, is suddenly free capture that, there will be plenty of power for the last light parade when this well is dry the final gasp of flammable gas is burnt will i then be dead, empty of anything to offer? or will that be the day i dreamed of waking up alive for the first time?