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the cowboy and the princess

a cowboy and a princess walk into a bar he sits at a table in back, tries to look relaxed while she gets the drinks he is picking up the plastic thing which holds the happy hour menu what is he doing here, he wonders he tries to conjure some innocence some sense of being swept along without much luck cowboys are made not born and she was the reason so long ago, that he rode alone down the road that asked nothing that smothered you in an empty that ate all your questions she, he was pretty sure, just wants the story wants it to come out right make it into a happy ending so she can speak wistfully of how she once loved a cowboy he wants, no needs what he can not now, now or ever, do love her entirely or forget her completely empty of either oblivion he sits with his jaw set he is a pathfinder one who can not get lost even if he tried not in a west of trackless miles not in the uncharted wildness of her she brings him a whiskey he looks at it musing how that probably does make the story better sun stained and trail hardened man who could drive a herd through hell throws back a throat full of fire he had wanted a beer but feels he owes her at least this much a princess and a cowboy walk into a bar while he sits silent as always, she gets the drinks, so she has time to think what is he doing here doesn't he know i have a life damned if i am going to let him sip a beer and tell me stories of stupid spectacular sunsets as if he were some sort of ancient hero whiskey will make this quicker she puts the glass down he lifts and drains it the glass makes a single sharp knock as it returns to the table the gavel of the final judgement between them, all that is left is to empty the courtroom serve out the good and just sentence now pronounced in silence except it wasn't silence both of them heard words coming from his mouth each with equal amaze "i don't want to go" the words were somehow said "i don't want you to leave" escaped as reply before anyone could stop them a cowboy and a princess walked into a bar who will walk out remains a mystery