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tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich the soup must be the horrible canned kind the stuff of warhol's dreams that doesn't taste anything like tomatoes and the sandwich must be crushed while grilled so that the yellow cheese oozes out it makes complete and total sense, that if you pick ripe tomatoes and cook them with fresh herbs that would have to be better than the canned stuff who in their right mind would prefer that squashed oozing object which looks like roadkill to a thick lightly toasted hunk of crusty sourdough and aged new york cheddar and yet i would rather eat the inferior version, the canned and processed the-same-as-everywhere-in-america and feel the glowing warmth in my soul that other thing, no matter how organic and bursting with flavor and energy only makes me weep for the lost chance to eat the real thing it is because of this meal that i know that the things that matter to me do not always fall from the tree of logic which is why, even though it makes no sense to me i really can't blame people for voting republican