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choosing sides

i know nothing about poetry, so i only recently discovered that you aren't supposed to preach when writing a poem. this now goes on the list as one of the many reasons than i am not a real poet, but a sudo poet. if someone wants the freedom to make this poem mean something other than what i meant, that is awesome, but i don't know why i need to make it easy for them.
some will complain about the dangerous people, so certain about what is right, no need to check in with the rest of humanity dangerous to the point of destruction. and they will warn you not to listen to the useless people, certain about nothing, so busy listening to all sides, two years later they are still there trying to balance a mountain on the point of a pin. and we doubt them both swear to ourselves to be both useless and dangerous useless like a tool with a mind of its own a watchfulness and awareness of being wielded dangerous enough to challenge the unchallengeable to imagine that change is possible