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cause and effect

he never tried to tell her how he felt. he never struggled to find words to explain the thing that happened in his chest when she smiled. which means she never had to interrupt him halfway through, she never needed to carefully define the relationship, and he never had to pretend to be cool with that. he never stumbled home, words now failing to explain the empty new thing happening in his chest never hid himself in his room, for months, studying software and circuitry, anything to distract he never built the device which accidentally allowed the zir armada to locate our planet. at least that is how we hope it will go deep in the secret underground labs, the last desperate hope of humanity. chrononauts painting their skins with the silver liquid needed to protect them as they pass through the portal dis-instanced and ripped from reality propelled by malevolent temporal lightnings those who survive will arrive if calculations are correct, at the precise instant needed to prevent the one conversation which doomed us all