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what dreams came

Today's NaPoWriMo is simply a transcript of the anxiety dream I woke up from, in a cold sweat, the night after reading poetry at the Santa Cruz Word Church Open Mic
i am in a library, an immense beautiful library of aged wood hidden corners and winding staircases everyone i know is there in small groups walking, laughing, reading but i can fly, so my experience of this wonder is different alone i fly over the stacks first curious to see what is on top of the stacks which is candy bars because dreams more flying up through the central column i discover an entire hidden floor that can only by reached by flying others are soaring around and settling into small groups i land and ask is it ok if i sit here realizing, on the edge of tears, that i had been searching for a place where i belong it is ok to sit which is good beyond space and time for about three seconds until the play starts and i realize that they were waiting for me and i don't know my lines