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those were the days

i miss those days heady and invigorating now long gone i remember when we watched abraham lincoln calmly adjusting the oxygen mixture in his environment suit before stepping onto the martian surface thirty seven years and fifty one days since he first breathed, at least in that body the first lincoln,somehow still connected to his dna twin who was remembered and revered enough when we voted for who would represent us to walk first on mars, lincoln had won by a landslide, and a new clone was unbottled to begin training thirty seven years and fifty one days of preparation the results had been challenged all polls leading up to the election predicted a close race between neil armstrong and marie curie with most pundits picking armstrong as the sentimental favorite a massive and thorough investigation revealed no detectable tampering and so lincoln made history a second time leading us into the new land of martian promise yet another amazing legacy we now know, of the underground artist ghandi fiendishly brilliant, part magician, part hacker and a sense of humor almost god like we never knew how much we owed to him until he was gone