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the ballad of mary and mack

this is the ballad of mack and mary heroes both of type contrary mary sees all the ills in the world all the ways we settle for less the excuses made rather than the revolutionary reform which would mark the beginning of the days which should be mary will never rest until every obstacle has been obliterated mack sees all the same ills but believes with all his heart that the world he arrives at by making each successive today better than their respective yesterdays is the only one which leads to a tomorrow of hope mack wants to feed people mary wants to address the injustice and oppression inherent in the entire cycle of production, distribution and consumption mary wants every voice to be heard mack tends to stop listening if it would get in the way of what needs to be done today mary and mack have breakfast together just chewing and nodding not speaking, lest they spark an argument that would burn out of control mack and mary can never be friends each one starting at the one place the other has sworn never to go mary and mack cannot imagine living with anyone else could not face even one day without the strength they lend each other