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lost world

we tasted the fruit which drives mortals mad slept in beds of cloud soft comfort heard the music of dreams played by living hands me strapped on my backback, and left i there in the lush valley of surreal beauty, the sad supermodel scientists waving to me leaving behind the pure comfort of everything within reach being possible and perfect me leaned into soul cold wind struggled to survive the mountain passes nearly lost limbs, earned a slight limp until me finally descended into the world where me was born memories of the day me turned my back on myself and my own desire for eternal bliss, are never colored with regret but always breathed out like a sigh of relief i do not name the abandoned i as a lost soul, i only know that me would have been smothered by the waves of stillness gradually washing me into an empty perfect beauty i and me are not enemies or opposites we still dream together i hold court and wait for people to see what can only be seen when you lose yourself and live in that lost country while me knows me was made on purpose forged with this wonder what use is a heaven that is missing even one soul grappling with a rusty and broken reality trying to drag it into the entire impossibility