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liminal space

lim·i·nal -- Adjective 1. Of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. 2. Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
dawn is just moments away blue grey grass blades still bent with dew tears of a night dreamed softly and sadly a hovering mist brushes the earth a farewell caress before rising a heron stands perfectly still mute herald of coming change at the edge of the field, there is a wood light just touches the tops of the trees snapping them into focus, into a present reality while the misted meadow with heron sentinel still lingers in the peace drenched space between was and will be despite everything we have been taught an anvil does not whistle when it falls one moment there is a heron and the next, there is only an anvil there is, however, plenty of warning ground shaking, grinding and clanking sounds plenty of time, if you are standing nearby, to flee in terror and find a hiding place where you can watch with racing heart as the drill bit of the mighty mole machine emerges through the grass before the invasions happens the death ray from the space satellite does all good duty and transforms the machine, and all of its masters, in an instant, into a pile of rubble suddenly quiet again as dawn finishes the gentle mist now replaced by the acrid fumes of ruin a team of heroes arrives, appears actually, apparently teleported to this very spot by the mysterious looking one whose face is somehow always in shadow. they begin to sift through the wreckage intently searching and not noticing the invisible doors open on the invisible teamjet of their arch rivals who also have come to claim, if possible, the secret power hidden in the reactor core of the remains of the mole machine now there is enough noise as a lightning sudden battle flashes and thunders swift and powerful force is spent and in the struggle the contested core is accidentally detonated which would have killed everyone and rendered a one hundred square mile area serenely sterile, except the blue skinned one after a quick kiss on the cheek of a stammering comrade, sacrifices himself and saves everyone. stunned into silence the squads stand one touches her cheek where moments ago there was warmth, and weeps in the next hours as the day progresses before the fleet of black helicopters lands there is a rodeo of three legged whales a conclave of the ghosts of bitter clowns and the rise and fall of an entire civilization of intelligent leaf people all traces of these are removed at last by the government fixers in their scary weird space suits trees straightened, grass re-planted fence posts re-positioned, like a landscape painter they place with casual precision every tuft and tussok and just before they leave, they replace the heron, a mechanical marvel designed to watch over known trouble spots like this one