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the word of the lord

i am the lord almighty i have seen all beginnings when chaos erupted birthing matter and energy, i was there when your galaxy began to spin, i was there when the nuclear fires inside your sun were ignited, i was there when the seas begin to fill with life, i was there when the first creature breathed air, i was there you are a drop of spit some dirt and a breath so shut the fuck up and listen for a second i am the lord, full of everlasting love you do not belong to me i have given you the same gift i have given to all that is i am risking all that i will ever hope for to give it to you i have given you to yourself i am the lord, the bright morning star i declare to you this truth i long for you to receive your gift i yearn for a birth, a spinning, a fire, a breathing i ache for the unguessable beauty of us