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wonderful plans

god loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life it is helpful, when saying that to be illuminated from above or have just finished transmuting wine otherwise it just sounds stupid when one looks at the many things which are not wonderful any salt worthy theologian will have a well rehearsed interpretive dance set to the meter of a world of pain the melody of a god of love if it is not possible to deviate from the plan, then this is all part of the plan and i no longer care about plan or planner no matter how lovely the dance interpreting it if the plan does not constrain then the story goes like this childlike humanity terrible twos of curiosity and defiance parental planner warning, reminding, correcting, insisting and then a flood of anger followed by a promise which means the next time, there is no flood, the pain of watching becomes unbearable and eventually blossoms into insanity the new plan is brilliant will show them will show them all you want death? i can do that, death is freedom free at last from planned promises free at last to say, wild-eyed, god loves you and if he had a wonderful plan for your life, this would not be it