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larry never wanted this his church is so large you can see it from space his hair is an architectural wonder his wife is some kind of marvelous smiling machine he wanted to serve the lord not in a half hearted, in between football games way that so many people seem content with he wanted the crazy enough to change the world way it always seemed like if they just got a little more money then they could really bust this thing open really start doing things, things that would matter but you have to spend money to make money when ten people became twenty, he was just so honored to be able to do something to bless people when two hundred became five hundred, he knew he was on the right track when it hit two thousand he realized, there are not many people who could hold something like this together and if a skill like that is rare, it must be valuable if he was a rare and valuable person didn't he owe the world all that he could do? that earnest young kid who just loved jesus is still inside there somewhere seeing the world with a clear eyed optimism but now sees the image in the mirror as a neccessary evil