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something had to be done you disappoint the family, you become a problem, a problem that has to be dealt with. so i had this job i took my faith out for a little talk abandoned schoolyard, filled to emptiness with garbled echoes of long gone boom babies bouncing off walls of stucco and time the place was perfect in a field half grass, half weeds not a living soul to witness the deed not even mine how do do this, execution style in the back of the head? no, not for him grim cold smile staring right into his eyes the job was done a shallow grave, he was so small fitting death for a traitor stinking bastard faith then the shithead got his revenge grave stomped and weapon stashed ... the voices a choir of hope spectral and spectacular singing a vision of a rescued world into my mind jesus fucking christ where was this hope when i needed it? damn choir will not shut up traitorous treacherous faith eternal vengeance his song haunts my every breath he laughs at me he knows, and knows i know now that he's a ghost i can't kill him again.