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exceptionally american

listen up america i am all for the idea that we the people are exceptional worth noticing can we please be a better exceptional than exceptionally selfish when asked to help exceptionally arrogant when our motives are questioned exceptionally cruel to those who frighten us exceptionally determined to never give an inch don't go dodging this it is us, you and we and me, not big money big politics the big lie that only right thinking people see the bigs only have us by the balls because we let them because we think that if we don't let them drag us around then something even worse will happen
"We can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities" — Winston Churchill
that is who i think we should want to be exceptionally creative in imagining solutions to problems exceptionally willing to admit mistakes and move on exceptionally committed to the perfect rightness of evolving imperfection listen up america we can be better this is the nation where we eat impossible along with our wheaties and pop tarts part of a complete breakfast before a day of the hard work of being exceptional